Projects We Support

 Working closely with our suppliers and engaging directly with local communities opens up a great opportunity for us to support some fabulous projects, large & small. Rather than commit to working with one organisation we actively support several projects. Through sample sales, fundraising and simply giving away some of our profit we have great pleasure offering our support where we can.


Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi

YKIP (Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi)

In 2005 Piccalilly founder Hannah Evans visited Bali for the second time and landed back in the UK just as the 2nd Bali bomb exploded. When Piccalilly finally got going in 2006 we funded the education of a girl for 3 years through the YKIP Kembali ‘Back to School Fund’. One of the roots of poverty is the lack of education. But it’s difficult to send your child to school if you cannot afford the school fees. Economic downturn in 1998 followed by the first Bali bomb blast compounded this for the Balinese and the dropout rate from schools grew. YKIP was set up after the first Bali bomb and is dedicated to helping the educational and health needs of disadvantaged Balinese people. It is also a memorial to the many Balinese who lost their lives. In March 2010 Piccalilly visited YKIP and extended their support by sponsoring a new child through the YKIP scholarship programme.
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BBA – Education for Liberation / Liberation for Education

We first came across this BBA in 2008 after watching a UK documentary about child labour in India. By coincidence we were contacted by a London based art therapist who asked if we could supply her with Fairtrade certified T-shirts for a project she was doing with rescued kids at the BBA. So the t-shirts got sent and on our next trip to India we visited Mukti Ashram in Delhi – an immediate shelter for rescued kids. We were humbled by the kids we met and by their resilience.

India has the largest number of child victims of slavery, bonded labour and trafficking in the world. The BBA works to rescue these children and works to reunite them with their families. The BBA ensures their education and rehabilitation using various state provisions, and through its own rehabilitation-cum-education centres. Since 1980, more than 76,000 child/bonded labourers have been freed from brick kilns, carpet looms, stone quarries, domestic labour etc. The BBA makes an incredible difference in these children’s lives by restoring their childhood, freedom & dignity.

At the moment we are specifically supporting the Mukti Ashram. This forms an immediate shelter for the children who are rescued from Delhi and its surrounding areas. They are immediately provided with medical help, food, clothing, recreational facilities, sports, theatre and counselling during their stay until the legal formalities are completed and they are repatriated and reunited with their family. The funds we have raised to date have specifically gone towards the costs of clothing and bedding for the children.
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We first visited this project in 2009 and were extremely moved by some of the girl’s stories and how the project is working to transform their lives.
Ladli is a vocational training programme for abused, orphaned and destitute girls, located in Jaipur, India. Ladli teaches the craft of jewellery and handicrafts, valuable skills in Jaipur and an alternative to begging or prostitution. The girls are also taught Hindi, English, Art and Dance, and provided nutrition, medical check-ups and counselling. Most importantly of all they gain confidence, hope and self-esteem. In addition to providing education and employability, Ladli is a place where emotional trauma and the stresses of poverty can in some way be healed.
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Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade Foundation

We are proud to be a licensee of the Fairtrade Foundation and a percentage of all our sales go towards supporting this truly inspirational organisation.
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